Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Someplace Else

I have to confess and apologize that I've not kept this blog up for some time. It's a lame excuse -- "guess my mind's been someplace else" -- but it's a bit of a theme in my life these days, and the flavor of this post.

For one thing, this week I thought I'd be someplace else. I am honored and excited to have been asked to be a part of CrossWorld's new Innovation Team. Our job? Explore new ways CrossWorld can fulfill its mission. The team is kicking off today with the team meeting together in Kansas City over the next several days. Only this first get together will be without me as I'm sitting in a hotel room in Rochester, Minnesota.

You see Pat's had a rather serious relapse in her symptoms over the last several months, a long, slow return to the movement disorder greatly affecting how much she can do. So we've returned to the Mayo Clinic for a rerun of the week long physical therapy to get things back under control. It's hard work for her but she's doing great. And we've had some helpful appointments with doctors in looking towards maintaining her control long term. I mean, we enjoy the folks at Mayo but don't want to keep coming here ever year or so.

But just to let you know that we still do what we can, just a quick word about a video we're working on that will go "someplace else". You may remember a video we made called "When 1 Becomes 2". By special request, we're producing a French language version that we'll show in, well, other places. (And, the English language version was shown at a conference in Ireland a couple of weeks ago. How international.)

So, though our minds are someplace else, our hearts never are. And a big shout out to all who have been praying for this time at the Mayo. It's going great!


cara erickson-park said...

Love, love, love to you both!

Nightmayer said...

And back at you (and big D) with the love, sister!