Friday, June 11, 2010

In High Definition

Just wrapped up another video for CrossWorld this morning. This was our first foray into editing video shot in High Definition -- the HD you see all over the place these days on TV, Netflix, DVDs, etc. The reason the technogeeks go all bananas over those two letters is because stuff in HD has an incredible amount of detail we haven't been seeing up to this point.

But really this video is HD in another way, too.

Some CrossWorld folks visited Haiti a couple of months after the earthquake, interviewing church leaders and members about what it was like then, what it's like now, and what they think things will be like going forward. There were hours and hours of interview footage for us to watch in order to whittle it all down to five minutes. And unless you drop by our "editing suite" (second bedroom), we'll never be able to share it all with you. Alas. (You are always welcome, though!)

What we saw was the High Definition behind the monumentally huge ripple effect of the quake on Haitian life. Stories of rescue and death. Firsthand accounts of how life in a hard place before is now so much harder. Unique perspectives on how this will affect the future of, well, everything in Haiti. And mostly, we saw people trusting in a God who remains unshakeable even when the ground beneath their feet isn't. Wow.

In short, we saw the "detail we all haven't been seeing up to this point". So, here's the video we've made. You can listen to the Haitians tell their own story.

But what I'm especially excited about is the new Vimeo page we've made for CrossWorld for this project. We'll be releasing short snippets of the many interviews that we didn't have time to include in this piece. So stay tuned, we'll let you know as we release any interviews.

And check out the whole story -- in High Definition.

Haiti in the Aftermath from CrossWorld on Vimeo.


Tim Grubb said...

Wow. Our God is greater than any tragedy, thank you for telling the story and reminding us of that. 500 saved at one church, amazing...

Nightmayer said...

Yes, we were quite floored when we first heard that, too.

"Greater than any tragedy" -- well said!