Friday, June 25, 2010

Hello! Namaste! (That's Nepali for "Hello") Here are Kevin and I with the three Nepali boys that we brought to International Camp at Westwind this week. Monday through Thursday we picked up (from left to right) Prabin, Prius, and Bishal and headed off to Waukee. They are wonderful boys! They were well-behaved and we were proud to get to know them. They laughed at my feeble attempts to learn Nepali, let us listen to some of their music, and regaled us with soccer stories every morning and afternoon.

We visited the zoo and an ICubs game (they were pretty bored, but so were most of the kids) and played soccer and kickball. We learned Nepali words and a verse in Nepali.

The last morning we picked up the boys Prius gave me a sample of an Indian food that he said was "good for digestion". I had seen them all popping these little things in their mouths so I knew they liked them. But I have to confess, my first thought was it looked exactly like dog food and I'm afraid, it tasted even worse! We were careful not to disparage the tidbit in front of them, but it was all I could do to actually swallow the thing. It tasted like LOTS of pepper and...well...poo. I knew we had to have Kevin try one because I could NEVER describe it to him, so Prius gave him one. His face contorted and started sputtering and coughing...he concurred. It was great fun though!

It was a great opportunity to meet some of the Nepali people in Des Moines and begin to see what we might be able to do to help in the future. We are going to take the boys out to Kevin's sister's place because they mentioned several times their favorite animals were horses! (She has graciously agreed.)

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