Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Haiti Part II Video

We are in the process of working on a second video for CrossWorld about the after effects of the catastrophic earthquake that struck the island on January 12th this year.

As a reminder, 230,000 people lost their lives and another million were left homeless as a result of the massive 7.0 quake. So what is it like now?

From watching the footage supplied to us 60 days after the quake hit there are a few things that stand out.

First, EVERYONE has been affected by this quake. Every person interviewed lost a close family member or loved one that day. People are still living in tents and often those are not waterproof. One man is watching over 30 children and puts them in cars to keep them dry. That is the day to day now. Now the work of tearing down the thousands of buildings that are unsafe and trying to rebuild homes and buildings goes on a little at a time.

Second, this crisis is putting even more stress on the country because of the dramatic job loss. Businesses, hospitals, schools, etc. are destroyed and can no longer support employees. By way of explaination to show just how this "domino" effect works lets look at a seminary in Port Au Prince.

The Seminary (or any school for that matter) needs to be rebuilt. The way to earn the money to do so, is to have students enrolled. Students need funds to be able to attend classes but lost their job because businesses collapsed in the quake. The businesses are unable to open again because no one has money to purchase goods. And now the schools can't pay teachers it previously employed because of a lack of students and funds. Now those teachers are unemployed. You can see where this is going. The country needs JOBS worse than ever!

Those stories are compelling and useful. But the other message in the interviews is equally compelling. The number of people who have and are crying out to God for his help and salvation at this time in Haiti, is remarkable!

-A student pastor sits on a collapsed house and holds a bible study.

-A church sees over 100 people come to Chirst since the quake.

-A pastor is unable to reach his wife after the quake and as he helps his children get to their home he tells them they must prepare for the worst. Mom is probably dead. When he reaches the house (collapsed) he sees a crowd of people around his wife praising God. She was pulled out alive and before he arrived she had lead 10 people to Christ!

For every story of loss, they counter with a story of God's mercy and grace in the midst of their struggles. Stories that show the Church being unleashed into the community and God being glorified!

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