Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What is up?

We are sooooo sorry it has been nearly a month since a posting! So here's a wrap up from the last few weeks:

First, Kevin is doing very well and is beginning physical therapy with his shoulder. He seems to be doing great and we aren't expecting any complications (like surgery) in the future. Again, thank you all for your prayers.

Kevin has been working on two videos for CrossWorld about Haiti and the ongoing efforts there. I will see when we can get at least one of them on the site...hopefully soon. We were sent some photos and a video interview of Bob Klamser of Crisis Consulting International and asked to put it together very quickly so it could be posted on CrossWorld's website. Since then, Kevin has had time to smooth out some of the rough edges and will put that version here soon...? That comes under Kevin's expertise and he is trying to get a lot of things done these days.

CrossWorld has a seminary in Port Au Prince and since the catastrophe on January 12th has been trying to take care of thousands of people who have taken up residence on their grounds. You can read more about their efforts here. Besides the Crisis Manager, earlier a medical team consisting of a nurse, an orthopedic surgeon, a general surgeon and a general doctor were flown in to assist those who are at the seminary.

Side note: One of the first things Kevin remarked about his shoulder was that he wondered how many people in Haiti suffered that, or worse, and waited days or even weeks for is a humbling thought.

Meanwhile, we have been mentoring, praying, editing, meeting, and sitting in meetings. Kevin got a chance to speak at a Valentines dinner for Cumming Community Church oh, and helped Westwind with their missions fest.

I am sure there are other things we have done in the last three weeks, but I can't remember it all. I am painting again with my neighbor Dick on Tuesdays for a couple hours, it is wonderful.

We will work on being more regular on the posting now our lives seem to have settled in a bit. Thanks for your prayers, your support and your love!

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