Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Let's be careful out there"

If you are as old as we are you know the title references "Hill Street Blues" from the early 80's and every morning before sending the officers out the Sargent would say, "Let's be careful out there."

Last night as a new layer of snow covered the last layer of ice, Kevin fell at our mailbox and dislocated his left shoulder around 10pm. He was in the most pain I have ever seen anyone in, it was awful!

However, God was so good to us, in several ways...

One: It is his left shoulder not his right.
Two: Our neighbor John was out at the same time shoveling his driveway and saw him on the ground, he was in so much pain, he couldn't get up on his own.
Third: While I had taken my sleeping med.s, I was still awake and adrenaline did the rest until we got home after the ordeal around 3:00 am.
Forth: Our neighbor John (our new hero) was able to drive us to the emergency room and come pick us up (in what wasn't the best weather conditions), before his wife needed the car for work. That means we really moved through the emergency system...it doesn't usually go that fast.
Fifth: He didn't break anything.

So, for an up to the minute report, we go to the bathroom at 711 Mafred: "Kevin was doing great this morning until about 2:00 pm when he started throwing up and still is (it's 5:340pm now). We've been to the Dr. and he said it should subside if it is from the painkillers, or he could have a virus they have been seeing a lot of...we hope for the first. This really is the definition of "adding insult to injury"...Thanks for your prayers. Back to you at the computer..."

Well, that's the sum of it...Keeping you in the loop...

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Anonymous said...

SO sorry!!
I just don't like it.
Much love and prayers,