Thursday, February 4, 2010

"I'm alright...I'm alright"

(Carl Reiner in "The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming")

Saw the Orthopedic Dr. this morning, very nice man. Took new x-rays, and the news is...he's good! (Imagine the refs arms straight up like a touch down and announcer voice) There are a million things (only slight exaggeration) that could go wrong in addition to your shoulder being dislocated, like torn ligaments, damaged rotator cuff, chipped bones, just to name a few, and there appears to be none of that in Kevin's shoulder.

So, the prognosis is great. He wears the "Immobilizer" (sounds like a super-hero) for two more weeks and then gets some physical therapy (Lyndsey where are you!) to strengthen the muscles and he lets it heal!

Oh, for those who heard the vomiting saga, it would seem that he was having a late reaction to the anesthetic he received when they put his arm back in place. After about six hours of hurling, he was better. (Even the dog was getting upset!)

So, once again, God's mercy and love prevail here and we are so very thankful for EVERYONE who prayed for him (and me)! Thanks to our small group for praying, thanks to you who read and prayed and thanks to Dr. Jason who has now seen the 'darker side' of Kevin and still was nice to us!

Thank you, all again, just can't say that enough!

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