Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Poll #5 (Plus a bit more)

Once in awhile God takes the reigns in sort of a sneaky way. Got a call several nights ago from a friend I haven't seen much in a long time, telling me about some very difficult struggles he's going through. Would I get together with him sometime soon to just talk, read the Bible, and pray some? Of course. So we did, last night, and both of us had a great time.

And the 'God sneaky' part? My friend did not remember calling me at all, and didn't even know we were planning on getting together until he got my phone message the day before confirming the time. Once again, God is never far from his children and will intervene when they need it. Now that's fun!

Okay, I know I said I'd have a new video for you but I'm still putting the very final touches on the music. (It's killer.) So, until then, here's another poll for you. Let us hear your thoughts.

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