Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thank you

I have found over that past few years that I am more and more profoundly moved by all of the people who have done something for us. Maybe because I have needed it more, but also because I appreciate it more and am humbled that you would think of me, and that God would give us such good gifts through His people. The past two or more years have been heaped with blessings from you, His people. And this seems to be the best time to tell you all, "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts".

We try to remember to thank you individually, and we know we have missed some, but your kindness, generosity, love, and prayers are not missed. They have been the manna that has sustained us these past few years and without it...well...I'd rather not think about it. But WITH it, we have been blessed, at peace and full of humble gratitude to our Lord for his people.

What I am trying to say is, "Thank you, to all who have read our stuff, sent in money, prayed for us, sent food, loved us, made us laugh, wiped our tears, kept us going, called, emailed, gave us advice, and much much more. Some of you did or said things that touched us deeply and you will never know it. Thank you ALL!"

Just saying "thank you" seems small in comparison to all we have received, but I know our Lord is setting about rewarding you in ways we never could! I'm very glad He can do that, otherwise we would go broke trying to repay you in Thank You Cards!

Thanks, really...we mean it!

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