Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Love and Hugs from Germany

Last night I waded through a couple of plastic bins worth of slides, photos, and transparencies of Pat's artwork from over the years. The thing about artwork is that when you no longer have it in your possession -- you no longer have it in your possesssion. So if you want to do something with the image in the future, oops.

But last night was like Christmas. From the disorganized pile I kept pulling up high quality slides and transparencies of important pieces Pat has done. Sweet! The two most significant finds were what I hope are going to be usable images of a two-piece set Pat did about depression (and how God stills sees us) some years back. We left the originals in Dusseldorf, Germany until...whenever.

Yesterday I sent out a mass emailing about a little thing Pat is doing to get some rather creative work out to help pay for some medical bills. This morning I found a reply from our dear friend Eve in Dusseldorf. Turns out the depression pieces are no longer hanging in Adaumir's apartment where we left them, they're now in a much more public place where our friends in Dusseldorf hold their Sunday gatherings. Sweeter!

She sent me a link to the site about the place where this all takes place. I don't read German, but Eve described it as an "artist compound with a nightclub". The pictures show fashion shows, indoor classic car displays, trendy lighting, and uber-cool places to sit, confab, and eat. Bascially, the kinds of places we never get invited. How exciting!

Eve signed her email with "Love and Hugs from Germany." Back at ya', Eve!

And our condolences to our neighbor's Dick and Susan on the loss of Mary (wife and mother). Mary brought happiness into our lives and we're thankful to have known her. We love you all.

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