Tuesday, November 3, 2009

God Restores

Don't want to hit anyone overhead with the metaphor, but I got to speak at our church last Sunday as the cleanup guy in our "Grasping God's Story Together" series. This final episode of the story (yet to happen but already written), is 'God Restores'. (Follow this link to a page where you can listen to the message.)

The metaphor part, at least for me, was that not only was Pat able to be there -- as she said in an earlier post, going to church on Sunday morning's is physically demanding on her -- but that it hasn't completely wiped her out until the middle of this week. That would have been standard operational procedure before now. But, though tired from it all, she's still been pretty active and it's now Tuesday morning. Slowly but surely (and that last word is the important part) God is continuing his work of restoring Pat's health. Sweet.

Okay, now back to work...

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