Friday, October 9, 2009

Where Are They Now?

I see them often on junk-news-as-mind-candy sites that I have to admit are a guilty pleasure of mine, those Where Are They Now? articles that tell the current state of someone we haven't seen in the news or media for awhile. Today I'm thinking more along the lines of Where Isn't Pat Now?

She isn't in bed. She isn't in physical therapy. She isn't in the pit of despair (well, never really was but that's fodder for the book). For that matter, she isn't even at home as I type this, she's out having lunch with a dear friend.

Oh yes, she still has to be careful and not push the pedal to the metal with her activities, and she'll likely be that way for some time. But honestly, that's just good advice for us all. In the end, the things she's to do to continue "rehabbing" herself are pretty much what we all should do: take care of herself, get enough rest and exercise, that sort of thing. Oh, and she's not to even mimic the movement problems she had before as that is a signal to her brain it's okay to do that kind of thing again. So, we're all agreed not to ask her, right?

But, Our Girl has had her brain "rebooted" (so to speak) and is through with any further treatments. She's doing well. Yesterday our friend Katie pointed out that the whole thing reminds her of this passage in Romans: "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." I'm fairly wrenching the passage out of context, but the metaphor is a good one indeed.

And where are YOU now? If you're one of the many who helped us on this journey over the last few months, you're in our hearts that's for sure. We thank God for you, and for his putting us in front of medical people who knew what to do to help Pat. That was my prayer for quite some time.

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