Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday's Buttons: Brain Problems

You've probably already seen these in the tabloids because of the unrelenting paparazzi surrounding Our Girl's journey to "rehab", but just in case you missed it, today's buttons were:
  • I'm an idiot savant. The 'savant' is silent.
  • I can't brain today. I have the dumb.

Some of the commenters on this week's posts have implied that we're making this whole therapy thing sound fun. Soon everyone who's anyone will be heading off for "PT" and all the fashion channels will proclaim "physical therapy is the new black". When that happens, just remember you all had a part in it. (We're not taking the fall for that one alone!)

Seriously, it's been 'fun' because the results exceeded our expectations. One of the more interesting aspects of the day today was that Pat peeled apples and baked an apple crisp during occupational therapy. In the afternoon it was tossed over the fence into the tiny room that the 100 or so therapists share as office space, where it was quickly devoured. Don't they ever feed these people?

Pat was pretty pooped today, and it was a reminder for us (via Lyndsey and Olga) that we can't just toss Pat into the deep end of the pool when we get home. To keep this jumpstart on her recovery going -- and we will! -- we need to protect it and help it along. So, things may not be completely back to normal for awhile, but they'll be more "normal" than they've been for some time. And yes, there's an argument to be made things were never all that normal with the Mayers in the first place. (We often make that argument.)

Two more sessions tomorrow and then we head home. Join us in thanking God for this life-changing week. And thanks for all the comments and emails. We love 'em!


Steve Hoefer said...

Pat. Baking.

I'm floored.

No, more than that I'm a little alarmed by what they're doing to you up there.

--Alternate comment--
It's like that old joke:

Patient: "Doctor, after the procedure will I be able to bake?"

Doctor: "Of course!"

Patient: "That's funny, I couldn't before!"

Thanks for sharing the amazing process with us!

Nightmayer said...

Of course, we never actually tasted the apple crisp. Hmmm, come to think of it there weren't nearly as many therapists around today.

Actually, I started to get a bit suspicious of their therapy 'protocol' when they asked Pat to do their laundry. Hmmm.