Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday's Buttons: Brain Work

Here they are. If any of you guessed today's buttons correctly, please keep your own scores and we'll tabulate them at the end of the week.

Button #1: Brain loading (45%). Please wait.
[complete with progress bar]

Button #2: Quiet please, I'm forming neuro pathways.
[a big hit with Lyndsey AND Olga]

It's been another big day, perhaps told by simply listing some of the highlights:
  • When Lyndsey (physical therapist) came to the lobby to get Pat, Pat pushed Lyndsey in the wheelchair all the way to the 'gym' [Pat's idea, of course]
  • Pat didn't use a wheelchair at all when we visited the Mayo for her afternoon sessions, even walking the two blocks back to where the car was parked
  • Both Olga and Lyndsey commented independently on the lack of hand tremors and vocal problems Pat was exhibiting
  • Olga described Pat's progress as "phenomenal"

Okay, so here's the REAL difference in the way Kevin's brain works and the way Pat's brain works. Rehab is in the same place everyday, four times a day and up until this afternoon Pat had to repeatedly ask where it was. But when we finished for the day and Pat wanted go back to a store in a mall we were at only once several weeks ago, she knew exactly how to get there. Kevin's response, on the other end of that spectrum, was, "We went to a mall? When was that?" He still has only the vaguest recollection of the event.

And THAT is why we're a great team! Thanks for your prayers and support. This week is a great blessing. God is good.

PS We LOVE the comments y'all are making on these posts. Thanks for the laughs and warm fuzzies!


Steve Hoefer said...

If you guys keep making physical therapy sound like this much fun we'll all want to go! (And then there will be lines...)

deb said...

That's what I'm talking about! You guys are having fun up there without us! I'll bet Lindsey appreciated the "ride" courtesy of Pat! Love you.

deb said...
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Amy said...

If things keep progressing like they have in the last few days Pat will all of a sudden know the location of ALL the good stores...whether she's been to that mall or not! Look out Kevin!! :-)

Much love to you both...

Jennifer said...

What they said! The buttons of the day were pure genius. Huge hugs and kisses and a few more hugs. Jen