Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesdays Buttons: Of Brains and, well...

The magic continues from here at the Mayo Clinic, but let's get right to what I know you're all waiting to hear about: Today's buttons. Yes, there were two, and please, no wagering on these announcements.

Button 1: Drain Bamaged

Button 2: I have the grace & poise of a crackhead rhinoceros

Results are still pending as to which was the favorite among the therapy staff. As for the subject of all the blog post comments and emails to us -- the spike heels -- Pat left them behind for the day but was quickly challenged by young upstart Physical Therapist Lyndsey, who sported her new hairstyle in the morning session, only to follow it up with new glasses in the afternoon session. It's like "Project Runway: Mayo Edition" in the therapy gym but they're having fun and making great progress.

Today were also Pat's first two sessions with Olga, the occupational therapist. Much of her work centers around working getting Pat to do things with her hands again, so there's work with drawing, writing, passing coins from finger to finger, and (rumor has it) cooking later in the week. Be still my beating heart.

It all sounds kinda strange until you remember that this is all about getting Pat's brain to "remember" what it already knows how to do (from the first several decades of her life), as opposed to the incorrect things it had taught itself to do over the last couple of years. The progress we've seen in just two days has amazed us. And one of the best parts is that neither Lyndsey nor Olga are surprised by how fast Pat's improved. And that brings us further hope and confidence. (Even the shuttle drivers have remarked Pat moves better.)

After the last session today, Pat and I got a chance to sit and discuss what we've been witnessing. Our Girl remarked that many, many have been praying for this time long before we were here, and we don't want to forget that. The amazing results we see are nothing short of God's blessing.

Stay tuned, more miracles tomorrow.


T said...

Yea Pat!! We love you Pat! Go Pat Go! Oh I wish I could give you and Kevin a big hug right now! GO GO GO!!

Love, Terrie

deb said...

I am encouraged by your post tonight but certainly not surprise - our God is amazing beyond words and thankfully is in the repair business! Harlow says hello - I went over and visited with her after work. She also said not to worry because it isn't any more boring being home by herself than it is with you guys there :) I'll go out on a limb here and stake my life on the fact that you will continue to improve and that your brain will remember what it already knows BUT, the real miracle will be the impact that you being there is going to have on those you come in contact with. I don't say that with ANY amount of pride because that does not mirror either one of you. But God will use you, your attitudes, your buttons, your shoes and anything else that He wants to reach those you are around. Love you guys!
Deb H.

Jennifer said...

Deb is right on with her comments on the impact you will have on both the physical therapists and the others in the room. You bring grace, humor a positive attitude, and just "you" to the therapy room and it can't help but inspire and encourage the others in the room. "Optimist: someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it's a cha-cha."  ~Robert Brault
love you sweetie! Jen

Steve K said...

We love you guys very much and pulling for you. It doesn't take the LORD very much time to use you two to impact lives (Robbie & I know that full well). I'm excited for the people God will bless through you and through this situation. You're awesome.

Anonymous said...

HEY-HEY-HEY sounds as if you two are being yourself, always positive and graceful and being kind to all around you. If I might say and I will=== you are not leaning on your own understanding, but Gods and HE WILL show you the path to travel.(my version) BJBO

Nightmayer said...

Thanks Terrie! And back at ya' with the hug-wishes.

Deb, Jen, Steve, and BJ -- shucks, y'all gonna turn our heads with talk like that. And we can (and do)certainly say that say the same about each of youse. [We DO love the 'cha cha' idea, too!]