Tuesday, September 15, 2009

There's That Word Again

Think I've mentioned this before, but one of the strengths I have as listed in the Strengthsfinder survey is "connectedness" - the ability to see the recurrent themes around me and know it's no accident, that there's meaning behind it. (An interesting notion from a business tool, not something at all 'spiritual'.) Anyway, the word Disciple has been coming up a lot in a variety of settings where I find myself.

Interestingly, it's amazing how much discussion (disagreement) there is on what it means to 'disciple someone' or what 'discipleship' looks like. The irony is that the word in Scripture is never used in either of those ways. But what we do see are descriptions of what a disciple looks like. They're people who love other disciples, who love other people, who put hands and feet to their love, and who make the world a better place, always, because that's what Christ did. The world could certainly use more of those.

Though it's not an official CrossWorld slogan, one of the home office staff wrote this remark to me recently: We're serious about more disciples. I love it.

Shout outs today to all those who have poured out their love and concern for Pat over the last few weeks via email, card, calls, etc. Pat asked that I tell you, "It makes a big difference." Ditto.

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