Friday, September 18, 2009

Shut Up and Dance

Okay, so I've been receiving pressure from the masses, well, from Pat, to mention in a post that I'm preaching this week. There, I said it.

Actually, I'm pretty excited about the message because, as is often the case when preparing to speak, I look into a passage I've seen many times before but find something altogether new. I get to lead off a new series at our church outlining "God's Story" and this Sunday is creation.

I see dancing.

There's two side-by-side accounts at the start of, well, time -- when God creates us. First, there's the account that is a run-down of all things created and humans coming at the end of that line, with God explaining what humanity's purpose is to be. Then immediately after, the story shifts from one of cosmic proportions to the intimacy of God creating the first human, of scraping together a pile of dust into a human body, and breathing life into his nostrils. I can just imagine the warmth and moisture of that breath. How extremely personal, how extremely individual. A God big enough to define my purpose but close enough to fill my lungs with his breath. Wow.

We see God as the source of life, and as the giver of purpose. These two aspects combine to give meaning to life. And when we recognize this Creator-God as our sole source and live for his purpose rather than our own, we step into our destiny. And that's when...we dance with God.

Let's dance.

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