Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dress Comfy

Just to recap, Pat's movement disorder has pretty much been in full swing for about 3 months or so now, which keeps her in bed the vast majority of the time. Right before Labor Day we spent some extensive time at the Mayo Clinic, and though they don't have all the answers they do think they can help her. That's what we needed to hear.

So, we're back in Rochester, Minnesota to start a week of physical therapy for Pat. It's Sunday night and we've bedded down. We know really only two things about this therapy regimen: It's everyday all day for a week, and dress comfortably.

I suppose there are lots of life metaphors and spiritual applications I could point out there, but it's going to be a long week and I should go to sleep. (Our girl is already down for the count.)

What I really want to say, and I think Pat would echo if she weren't snoozing away, is how wonderful it's been to have so many people reaching out to help us in so many ways during this time, especially as we've prepared to come here this week for we're-not-sure-what. I could name names but I won't this time, mostly because we need to thank you all individually. We have, and we will. But for now, know that here's a big Shout Out to you. If you had the least hand in getting us here or praying for us, tonight we're thanking God for you, truly.

PS Pat did much better on the ride up than on the past two trips here, for which we're thankful. We figure she needs to be as rested as possible tomorrow. In typical Pat fashion, our girl wondered aloud in the car on the way up, "I hope the physical therapist has a sense of humor." I think Pat has enough for both of them.

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