Monday, August 31, 2009

The Testing begins!

Here's today's adventure: THE MOVEMENT TEST (ominous music should be played here)

The movement test was "interesting". Dr. Bower was most interested in the tremor in the left hand from what the neurologist's notes said. But after he tested some of that, he did a "startle test". As he proceeded to tell me what they were going to do, I couldn't help myself, I had to stop him and say, if he really wanted to startle me perhaps he should not actually tell me what he was going to do! (Kevin says I need to cool it with the smart remarks, I'm trying.) So they stuck electrodes on my neck, brow, all over my left arm, left leg, and back and then told me to relax on a bed. I was still pretty shaken from the previous tests, but hey, I came to play. They put head phones on me and said that intermittently I would hear a loud tone and that the electrodes would measure my response! I'm laughing NOW just typing this because NO ONE was ready for my response! I mean, WOW! I found myself screaming, jumping, shaking uncontrollably and then of course they tell you to relax so they can do it again, which is nearly impossible after your body has done that and you know they are going to do it again! But I prayed and they did it six more times with the same results...more of less there was some crying after the first three. Kevin told me later, he could tell by their faces, THEY were shocked at the response. I was sobbing afterwards, but only because I was so freaking tired and my body was so freaked out after those tests! Not to mention, I wasn't allowed my usual meds for the movement disorder before the tests. Kevin said they looked like they felt terrible. Poor folks.

They really were very nice about it and I thanked them for all they did, even through the tears...I really was. They have to do this for the answers...and I am glad to go through it. Times like that are great to have some scripture memorized.

Okay, so then on to the MRI. I didn't think I could do one (remember what loud noises do to me?!) They had me strapped, wrapped, and packed in tight, but I just couldn't do it. So the MRI dept. had to get in touch with the Neurologist to get permission for an MRI with anesthetic. Whohoo! Sounds fun!

Needless to say with that test tomorrow and the next set of tests and appointments on Thursday, we have decided to stay the week and not try to wear me out further by going back and forth.

My spirits are high (Kevin is a SAINT) and all the prayers are getting through loud and clear! (like they wouldn't!) Thanks!

You can always try Kevin's cell: 515-299-0345 :) Sometimes we have to have them off where we are in the hospital...but we get messages. Love to one and all, thanks for the encouraging emails!

Pat (and Kevin, the Awesome) Special thanks to Karen and Mom Mayer for all the unexpected dog care!

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Anonymous said...

Speechless (for just a moment : ) and sending love. Grateful for God's grace getting you through. Many of the health things I went through showed themselves for the true horrors they were long AFTER I went through them (which explained Danon's anxiety at the time of their occurrence). Chalk that up to God's grace at the time, and perhaps the human condition of numbing the brain to get through the horrors. When I think back on some of the things from over the years, things that I handled well at the time, I feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety about those procedures. I tell you this to say, I am SO grateful that God is gracious to get us through these horrible things. What you are going through sounds like something that in hindsight could be terrifying, though I pray not. But, hearing about your sense of humor and your joy, fills me with gratitude for what God is doing in you. Many prayers for Kevin, too. I know the agony it is for the spouse to watch the other suffer, even though the suffering has a purpose.
Sigh. You are blessed to suffer much. You will know Him better.
I love you both.