Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Psst...wanta hear something good?

Kevin was given the privilege of speaking at our church, Westwind, in Waukee this past Sunday. Always a blast to hear him and see him do his thing! If you would like to hear it...well, stay tuned. We are hoping to see it on the church website soon and will link you to it here, asap.

Kevin is working on the BAM (Business As Missions) script. It is a bit complex because we came up with a cool, but not simple idea. If I would leave him alone some, he could probably get more accomplished.

Just by way of updates: Pat (me) has been having a series of bad set backs in terms of her movement disorder. Unfortunately, it is very hit and miss and while some days are symptomatic, but mild, other days have turned into the worst of the problem from the old days. But, fear not, my spirits are high and Kevin is a great help. Thanks for your prayers. You rock.

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