Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The love story continues

Couldn't let today go by without remarking on it being our 25th anniversary. Thank you, thank you, but the real credit goes to our God for giving us grace when we needed it, wisdom by the buckets and teaching us to be who He said we should be. Oh, and Kevin. He's really the other big factor. He is long-suffering, patient, kind, loving beyond your imagination, and, just as importantly, funny...not goofy like me (well, he likes to put clip on earrings on his nose sometime) but really funny, you know, like smart funny.

Besides being dashingly handsome, that is what hooked me at the beginning, and has always been one of my favorite parts of him. I could go on gushing about him but I'll keep that for his ears today.

It has been the best decision of my life to marry him. Thank you, God for bringing him to me and blinding him up until now about who I really am. You must love me even more than Kevin does!

And now room for a rebuttal from Kevin:

Okay, for this day only I'm putting aside the curmudgeon hat and just letting Pat gush. But just today. Maybe I'll let her gush again in another 25 years, but we'll see.

Actually, besides her questionable taste in men, Pat's just plain pretty perfect. Her creativity knows no bounds, she inspires and encourages me no end, and she makes me laugh no matter how rough the ride. As those of you who have traveled this many miles with someone already know, you grow to share far more together that's unspoken than spoken. The smile, the knowing glance, the subtle inflection, each communicating volumes only the two of you will ever understand. That's just about the sweetest fruit marriage brings.

Oh, and she's still drop-dead gorgeous. I like that part, too.


Anonymous said...

You are both GORGEOUS!! What a wonderful pair you are!
Congratulations & Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary from someone you are probably shocked knew about your anniversary.
Congratulations to our favorite people.
Nick & Sandy