Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hope persists

Hi everyone.

We are home, in Norwalk, got in Friday night. I am resting today and tomorrow, not too bad considering all the I mean tests! We had (and by "we" I mean the royal "we", ME) had blood tests and chest X-rays, and urine analysis first thing on Friday. All came back fine.

We did what they call "checking" and sat in the Neurology Dept. hoping for a cancellation and got in after only two hours of waiting! (Thanks for those prayers!) He was very nice (made me wonder if he was a neurologist at all). He's Dr. McKeon, (from Ireland with a lovely lilting accent). I had not been taking my medication that relieves some of the symptoms, so as to be in all my 'glory' for the Dr.s as they saw me. I was at my peak when he saw me, though cramped over in the fetal position kept me from seeing him for a bit!

He spent nearly two hours with us and "tortured" me for a good portion of that time...not really! Nothing any of you would find horrible. Kevin said I made some great faces though! And what you all want to know is that the upshot is more tests of course. Won't boar you with the details, but they are scheduled for Monday, August 31st, and Thursday, Sept. 3rd. So we will be sojourning up to Rochester again. It is wonderful to have my Mom's to stay at as we pass by and only have 1 1/2 hour drive to the hospital. Thanks Mom and Jen.

Thank you more than words can say for all the prayers, emails, and encouragments you sent! We love you all! And for the first time in more than a year, I have hope that there actually could be an actual "Diagnosis" for this problem, and who knows, maybe even a treatment! All that because of your prayers, love and a wonderful husband! God richly bless you all, as he has us!

Kevin's Addendum:
Most memorable moment of the time was after the neurologist had finished aggravating Pat's symptoms for some time in order to see how she reacts. She sat on the edge of the exam table curled up so tightly she could only see her own shins, breathing heavily and groaning involuntarily because her diaphragm has a will of it's own, bathed in sweat from the ordeal. All in all, she looked pretty scary "Are you okay?" he asked.

"I'm happy to be here," was all Pat said. And she meant it.


Anonymous said...

You guys are awesome - I love that you make me laugh even in the midst of your own trials!! You are a beautiful couple.
Traci J

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Deep exhale.
I love you both.
To The Diagnosis: come on!! Show us your face!
With love and prayers,