Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Attack of the W.F.'s

Once in a while God backs the truck right up to you and unloads more than a heapin'-helpin' of warm fuzzies (W.F.'s) on you. And the best ones of all are the W.F.'s that show that something you did for him really did make a difference in the life of another.

Years ago I wrote a play called 'Thirst' that's been produced in a variety of locales and settings over the years. Gifted director Danon Park actually mounted his second production of the play last weekend, this time at his church in Olathe, Kansas. Danon invited me down to not only see the production but take part in a talk-back session afterward, fielding questions from any who stuck around. Since Pat's health hasn't been good this last week, I decided near-last-minute to drive down, see the show, fumble through the questions, and head right home. Get in, wave hello, get out.

Got in, saw the show -- then the downpour of W.F.'s. This wasn't the "nice job" variety. We all know those don't mean much. No, instead I heard many talking about how the production MOVED them, even talking about feeling called to action. Wow. I don't take credit -- the play's based on a biblical parable so it's already killer material, and Danon and his gang were great. But it's not often that someone walks up to you and tells you something you created years earlier has just made a difference in their life. I'm stunned. I'm thrilled. I'm moved, too.

So...a huge shout out to Danon, Cara, cast and crew. Well done. (Thanks for the flowers for Pat, she loved them). And to Olathe Bible Church for producing a play where most of the actors came from outside your walls. 11 different denominations were represented on stage. And a very special shout out to Imani, though you'll likely never read this. You were sent there just for me that night. Now you know that God used you.


Anonymous said...

In the post-show malaise, I hadn't checked your blog yet (shame on me!). I just checked it today, and REALLY enjoyed reading how you were impacted by your little visit down to KC to see Thirst. I know I felt the same way you did! Thank you for what you did in being obedient to write Thirst, and for what you have done to bless those who produce it. We are grateful! It meant so much having you there Friday night.

buice said...

Kevin, it's been hard quenching my thirst for "Thirst." Lines keep running through my head, the lines I finally memorized post-production. :)

It was such a blessing to have you drive down Friday night and be with us, to see your creation come to life, and watch the Spirit work on everyone in a very special way. I still feel inspired meeting you and encouraged to pick up the pen and write something if God has that in His plan for me. I hope your wife is better. Thank you for sharing your insight into the "Samantha monologue." You are a wise and gentle soul and I look forward to reading more of your work. - Aaron Cable

Anonymous said...

The old preacher thanks you for your work and my prayer goes out for your wife. It was a great time in my life working on Thirst and with the cast. It was moving to me and I have been in the ministry for 30 years. The Bible still talks if we just let it. The Book of all Books, God's word is the same that it was yesterday, as it today and will be the same tomorrow. Fred

Elisabeth said...

Kevin and Pat - you are in my prayers. And Pat, I am going to add my faith to Kevin's - to bolster yours. Jesus promised: I will never leave you nor forsake you. It's true. It just looks different right now. Love you very much! Elisabeth

Anonymous said...

I thank you for following your urge to write such a thoughtful drama, or rewriting it to fit something we could all grasp as tangable. If you hadn't have written it, i wouldn't have experienced what theater is really about this summer, and that would be serving. I thank you for deciding to come see the performance, because i know that you had to sacrfice to be there. Your wife is on my heart, and maybe one day I'll get to meet her. That would be a blessing.
Thanks again,
Rachael (aka Faye)