Friday, July 17, 2009

Thanks...and Thanks Some More

We almost felt guilty, really. Last Monday we got an unexpected email from someone wanting to give our ministry a generous donation. That these particular people would give like that wasn't surprising because they're just generous people. You can't be around them for long without seeing that.

So, we promplty emailed them to say thanks (don't worry, they'll get a 'real' thank you in the mail as well) and it was their response that blew us away. They immediately wrote us back to say our thank you touched them so much they're doubling their gift. Yowie! We mean, it was a nice thank you message and all, but nothing that should have caused such an outpouring of generosity.

And at that moment was the dilemma. Do we sit and feel guilty? Do we write an even 'better' thank you, hoping for another increase? Or, do we stop to thank God once again that he's moved others to help us -- that at the beginning of a week that proved a bit topsy turvy, he sent us a reminder of his lavish love for us, and chose to do that through people who show us their love on an ongoing basis?

Oh come on, you know which one we chose. But like we said earlier, the guilt part was tempting.

Shout outs this week to these generous friends, and all of the generous friends who help us. We love you.

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