Thursday, July 30, 2009

Heeeeeeere's Kevin!

Kevin is off to WOI studios to do a short promo for Artfest in Waukee this Saturday. If you are one of the people who know him really well, you know he doesn't relish this, but will do a great job at it. Go Kevin! Now you can add "spokes person" to your resume!

AND, since I am blogging and he is out of the house, I am unvetted, and uncensored! WHOOOHOOO! Don't be alarmed, it is only to give me the chance to tell you some nice things about him that he regularly cuts out of my blogs...

Kevin is speaking at Westwind Church this Sunday for information on times and such go to

You want to hear the great irony of my existence? While "bragging" on Kevin, I lost track of time and MISSED his interview on TV! He just called to see how he did and I feel like dirt! UGH! I gotta say, sometimes it is a burden to be this stupid! But imagine what it's like for HIM!

Anyway, come Sunday and hear him. He is always good and always passionate about God's truth.


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