Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fire Season

You make a difference in what we do. If there's one theme we want to hammer home again and again in our posts, it's that. Your prayers, your donations, and your words of encouragement have impact. So here are some rest-of-the-stories to help you see the difference you make -- and one of them is actually about you (surprise).

Part of what we do is meet two-on-one with people interested in finding out how they might use their own gifts to serve God. In this respect, we view ourselves as Pyromaniacs. Our goal: Start or stoke some fires in the hearts of people. Just this week we heard back on developments from some "pyro-sations". Two of the young women we've met with in the last several months have decided to apply for full-time service as missionaries.

Just to be clear, a pyro-sation isn't only a "success" if somebody signs on the dotted line to be a missionary. For us, it's always all about passion and choice. If somebody chooses to use their passion to serve God, even right where they already find themselves, we consider that a "win".

Now, the part you've been waiting to hear about: You. Recently we mentioned in a newsletter that we needed to purchase a portable light kit for our video work. (Flashlights and loads of candles just weren't cutting it.) After that newsletter, several of you donated towards the purchase -- in fact, we were able to get more equipment than we originally intended because you were so generous. It's only taken this long to let you know about it because the first light kit had to be returned. Those lights each had cooling fans that sounded like somebody was running a hair drayer in the room. Since none of our shoots take place in salons, the resulting recorded noise would have been a HUGE problem. So, back they went and we were able to exchange them for a better model.

Shout outs to, well, YOU. You make a difference. (Did we mention that?)

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