Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rock On?

Here is a pile of rocks. Why am I showing you rocks? Well, these are special "teaching" rocks. Our church (Westwind) is going through the book of Nehemiah and wanted a visual representation of the wall of Jerusalem. Each week the wall (which was just rubble at the beginning) will get bricks added to it. So each week, I get to make rocks and bricks. Cool, huh. Using the 'arts' to teach.

Meanwhile (as the artist in this case) I get to learn about the story of this rebuilding effort. When I learn stuff, I can't help but share The walls at this time would have been about 20' or more feet across with cut stones on the outside (what we normally would imagine a wall looking like) but the inside would have been filled with lime and stones. It would have been some 30' high is some places.

(here is a photo I got online of what they believe is remnant of Nehemiah's wall)

"Nehemiah, who lived during the period when Judah was a province of the Persian Empire, arrived in Jerusalem as governor in 445 BC with the permission of the Persian king, determined to rebuild and restore the desolate city after the destruction of the First Temple by the Babylonians a century earlier, in 586 BC.

The Persians had conquered the Babylonian empire that had destroyed Jerusalem and taken most of the inhabitants of Judah into captivity in what is now modern Iraq.

The Bible relates that despite the resistance of hostile neighbors who had occupied the area around Jerusalem in the Jews' absence, the whole wall was completed in a speedy 52-day period.”
-The Jerusalem Post, Nov 28, 2007

Unbelievable! Wonderful book about leadership, group efforts, encouragement and courage! (Those are all areas Kevin and I are in need of these days.)

FYI: The rocks are made out of spray insulation and Styrofoam. I make a tremendous mess when I do it and am having a wonderful time! I might make an "Instructable" about it one day, if I do, we'll post it here.

Thank yous to: Helen, Doug & Delores, (wow) and brother Steve, for their encouragement and love. Matt and Lynn for their time and laughs and our small group for sharing their lives.

If you could, please pray for my friend (like a sister) Sally, she lost her sister to cancer Monday. Her sister had a lovely girl of 11 and Sally will now be her "mom".

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