Monday, June 22, 2009

Double Dipping

Pat tells me I'm 'soaring' when I do it, but I just love getting the chance to speak to groups and share God-stories. I guess she says that because I go into some sort of zone; call it my "happy place". It's just plain fun for me. (Truth be told, it's probably because I'd rather speak to a group than an individual as I'm somewhat shy.)

Anyway, got two chances to do just that recently. Last weekend I popped over to Council Bluffs to Valley View Baptist Church to take in the view and share the story of the Mister-Toad's-Wild-Ride Pat and I have been on over the last 18 months. Some of them have been on their own wild rides, so it was good to compare notes and remember together how the sovereign God we serve isn't caught off-guards by the unexpected twists and turns of the journey, even if they do threaten to throw us out of the coaster. Thanks Valley View (we're on a first-name basis now), it was a gas!

Yesterday I spoke much closer to home, at our church in Waukee. This was one of those messages that seemed to change themes as I was preparing for it, but it dawned on me late in the game that it tapped into my 'holy discontent'. In fact, that's what it's about -- those things that move us so deeply and for so long we eventually must set out to do something about it. (Credit to Bill Hybels for the phrase and the idea.) If you want to hear it, here's the link. You'll just have to imagine the part where I make the rock float in mid-air. Seriously.

Shout outs to Matt for the Valley View connection, the Nelsons for lunch, Pat, Amy, and Mike for the 'rock magic', and Lamar for just plain making my day!

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