Friday, May 1, 2009

Mostly, We Listen

People sometimes tell me I'm a great listener, but usually that's just because I don't know what to say. So I sit and smile, and nod politely.

The thing about working in video that's surprising to many is that what you hear is AT LEAST as important as what you see, probably even more so. If the audience can't hear it or, even worse, if the video has nothing worth hearing they stop paying attention. Eye candy is fun but forgettable. Say something, and they remember.

We're doing some great listening these days. At the moment, we're recording voices (leave the lens cap on, don't even comb your hair) for a video series CrossWorld is making about serving God with the skills and vocation you have, not trying to be something you're not. So people sit in our sound booth (Kevin's closet) and tell us "I'm a writer" or an athelete or an entrepreneur or... And all include the phrase "I'm a missionary." Never been a big fan of the M-word because of the stereotypes that seem bolted to it, but these voices make my point. Sweet.

A true highlight for us was recently getting to record some brave folks over at "The Creek". Visually, it was talking heads but what they SAY -- wow! Without batting an eye they courageously lay out where they've come from ("I was anorexic", "I used to have a bad temper", etc.) and, the part worth hearing, "but God helped me overcome." They used this short piece during a gathering while they all sang the song "Overcome". Pastor Cody described the experience as "the most Christ exalting service I have ever experienced". We're just bummed we couldn't be there. But you can see it yourself here. (Sorry, can't use the same song in the online clip as that would be illegal, but remember, it's what they have to SAY that's riveting.)

Shout outs to all the folks dropping by to sit in the closet, especially the ones we're recording. And an extra dollop of thanks to Cheryl, who brought us food when she came for her session! And to the gang at "The Creek" for letting us listen.

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