Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Because That's What We Do

Last week we sent out an email to the folks on the mailing list letting them know of some things we've done recently. (You can see the list at the bottom of this post.) The best, and surprising, part of the whole thing were the responses we quickly got back.

T. wrote us to say he wants to hook us up with a couple considering missions as a vocation, because he knows we help people with questions about that. A., writing from another hemisphere, asked us to pray for a believer in their midst who is young in the faith. We spent several days there with him a while back and stayed in touch, so he knows that's the kind of thing we care about. And then P. reminded us that what we do makes a difference with CrossWorld, our "boss".

Wow, how cool to get messages touching on the various pieces across the board of what we do -- to hear, "You make a difference here." Who ever gets tired of that?

So, shout outs to T., A., and P., and the rest of you as well. Okay, so I could have done without T. making fun of my gray hair, but he's a good friend, so what're you gonna do?

Here's the list. Recently we've:

- Produced the video "Through Closed Doors", which CrossWorld is using in their efforts to field 200 new missionaries to hard-to-enter countries by 2012

- Mentored a young woman considering full-time missions at CrossWorld’s “Next Steps” weekend.

- Traveled to Kansas City to meet with teammates headed to France, as well as recent French émigrés to the U.S. (Lots of potential there.)

- Met with a young person to show her the possibilities open to her in missions

- Recorded for distribution the voices of those God has changed, as well as voices representing those through whom God wants to bring change.

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