Monday, April 20, 2009

Meeting Near the Mall

Well, we've been busy! (aren't you glad, we are) We went to Williamsburg (NOT to shop, what a shocker) to meet a lovely young woman, named Melissa, and talk to her about CrossWorld. That is one -of our many- job descriptions with CrossWorld. We had a wonderful time getting to know her and hearing very intelligent questions about what she is looking for in an supporting agency and was very impressed. I can't wait to see what God does with her! Thanks for the opportunity, Melissa!

We have been meetings a lot lately. I like this job, cuz meetings are fun and not a total waste of my time! Thanks, God!

We had an awesome prayer time last Thursday at Brown Woods. I sat on a log on a sand bank and had one of the most wonderful times with God. He is soooooo cool.

We are off to Kansas City at the end of the week to visit Chad and Traci (who -as a reminder- are raising support to go to France) and will meet some other artists there and may get to watch a French film with French folks while we are there.

Kevin had an opportunity to teach part of the sermon on Sunday at Westwind. All four of the teachers on our roster taught a portion of the seven "woes" that Jesus lets loose in Matthew on the Pharisees. Wow! He really lets 'em have it! We read it on the way to Williamsburg on Saturday and there are a whole bunch of names Jesus calls them in Chapter 23! Yikes! Take heed, anyone who teaches or leads...he's kicking butt and taking names!

Thanks to T and M for a wonderful evening last night! We had a ball! Just what we needed...laughter! Thanks for sharing. Also, thanks to all who made our walk this week so enjoyable, Susan, John, Felicia, Tom and Amy, what a nice suprise to take a walk to the pharmacy and run into so many friends! (If you live in a huge city and never have that happen, consider the lighter side of living in a small town...I'm just sayin')

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Anonymous said...

I know, I know, I'm a little late on my commenting... but I saw WOW! I finally had the chance to watch the Through Closed Doors and WOW! What an excellent way to reach out and 'get the word' out. Captivating,creative, thorough, stylish, cute, ok I'll stop! Thanks for all your heard work you guys! Love ya!