Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Next Steps

Well, sorry it took so long to report on a wonderful trip to CrossWorld headquarters. Lot's of wonderful things happened and lots of wonderful things talked about...Here are the highlights and some pictures to prove we were there.

Thursday started out with meetings and ended with meetings. All great! We had time with our International Director, Paul Mattson and his wife and had lunch together. We talked about where we've been and were we are going. He is a great boss!

Then that meeting rolled into another meeting with the new VP of home office opperations, John Berger. (He has recently come off the field from Haiti) We spent time filling him in on us and what we do and what we want to do. Elisabeth Berger (no relation) was also in on the meeting and then that meeting rolled into another meeting with just her and then rolled into another meeting with Amber who does the lion-share of their video editing now.

Just so you get a feel for this day, as we walk from room to room, and building to building, we encountered people who ask how we are doing, tell us they have been praying for us for the last year, and that they love the last video we produced. So even as we went to each meeting there were mini meetings and the setting up of more meetings for Friday. It may sound like a day of torture, but it was great. Encouraging and fun and rejuventating.

Friday morning (at 8:15 am no less) we attended the morning prayer time and shared what God has been doing for Pat and thanking them for their support and prayer. Then the meetings began again, and around 2pm Pat called it quits to rest for a few hours to prepare for the begining of Next Steps.

Next Steps began with a meal and laughs. Four young women all in different points in their lives considering missions for their future. Next Steps is all about that, helping people who are exploring working in missions. Anna was assigned to us (wonderful young woman). Our job was to Listen, Listen, Listen and then ask some hard questions. Pray, Pray, Pray with them and have fun. What a great job! This is Anna and us on Sunday morning.

Yadda, yadda, yadda, Saturday filled with classes, mentoring time and Saturday night was a party where Kevin taught them (and nine extra artists that came for the night) about using arts in missions and discipling. We opened the floor for questions and even the people who were not there as artists had questions and told us later how it had opened thier eyes to new methods and cool is that?!

Sunday morning Kevin taught the group and shared our "story" and God used even us that morning. Wow, humbling and moving.

Sunday night, watched a show on cable about blowing things up. huh. TMI?

Monday...well, lets just say we sat in terminals (interesting name for those things, a disease or infinate waiting periods) more than we flew and got home at midnight on Monday.

For those of you wanting to know...God was gracious and merciful, Pat did great. Some symptoms on Thurdays because of all the stimulus to her system flying but she was up and at 'em all weekend.

Now for the fun!
B-Boys Lem and Chris doing their thing! Wowing us and sharing about the Break Dance culture. cool guys! Very talented

Some of the artists there, Jared (musician/graphic artist) Stephanie (photographer/fashion designer) Pat, Kevin, Chris and Lem (B-Boys) looking tough and artistic for the camera (Stephanie is playing the part of John the Baptist, by pointing the way to Jesus, something we taught that night)

ICE CREAM makes you do and say funny things
(that's Bill Novak, he's a nutty kick in the head)

"Next Steps"
Jerry is in front and provided all the photos here, he's a gem! (so is his wife)

Shouts out to Amy for watching the house and the dog, Mom Mayer for her help and getting us from the airport so late, and all who were praying!


Karen said...

Glad things went well. Looks like you were busy. You know, I can break dance like those guys, too.


Karen said...
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Nightmayer said...

That's exactly what I was thinking the whole time I was watching the break dancers -- "I'll bet my twin sister could do this." Riiiiight.

Pencilwit said...

Actually, he said, "I have abs just like his." Riiiight!