Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I hate it when...

I hate it when someone else thinks of something very clever that I didn't think of. I know, I need to pray about that...but, dang!

Here is one of those things that happened in Rome over the Easter weekend.

"This holiday weekend, Rome was home to Europe’s largest chocolate Easter egg! In an event sponsored by Euroma2, a mega shopping mall in the EUR district of the city, a 2500 kilogram dark chocolate egg was put on display and then publicly broken with a hammer (see photo above).
Pieces were sold to onlookers and the proceeds will benefit those who affected by the recent earthquake in the Abruzzo region." Photos from "La Repulic"

See what I mean? I am glad others have neat ideas, I just wish I had all the great ones. How bad is that?!

Shout out to Karen and Gary for the great Easter dinner, and Moms of both of us. To Phyllis and Lewis and Kim and Stephen for the great dinner and conversation, and to Scott and Stephanie...you know why! There is more to come on the "thank you" train...I'm saving it for another day.

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