Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eye Opener

I was perusing the web (specifically, Youtube) looking to see what was out there in terms of missions videos as we were preparing to launch our video and ran across a GEM video (Greater Europe Missions). What follows was the ongoing commentary after the video from Europeans who watched it. We edited out the cussing, but we thought it was enlightening for those of you who think Europe is "basically Christian". (I also took out the names of the commentators for anonymity)

disgustig what you people trying to do!!!

i have a friend who is over there now. we are her mission family. this is a great message to get out. it's important! bless you

Mohahaha!:D Christianity is dead in Europe!

Emm is it even growing at all?

Can you blame us? Religion and other absolutist ideologies like fascism and communism almost destroyed Europe completely. The truth is we are all extremely cynical of such dogmatic rubbish. Organized religion has caused enough wars and suffering in Europe, people will never accept it again, dont even bother.

This kinda "--------" me off... i mean who cares if europes not all religios!!!! I wanna move there;D

a world without religion..... not so far from being a dream!!! Europe about time!!!!

This is what I love the most about my country (Sweden), there's hardly Any religion in the public sphere; i.e. I barely see it displayed anywhere, and media / gov. doesn't bring it up, ever. Unless something negative happens, like a priest saying something negative about gays, in which case we collectively rip him a new "--------". Here, religion is everyone's private business. I have (believe me) NO idea of my closest friends religious beliefs, and I'm not interested. (Sweden = 85% disbeliever)

and i hope it stays that way they have "------ed" with us for over a thousand years and we wont have it anymore.

we dont listen to "------" like that we have seen war after war after war becouse of things like that. now we are trying to be openminded and it worked

I pray America wakes soon and does not follow in Europes footsteps. It is beyond my comprehension how people have turned their backs on our Creator and are so lost in their beliefs.

I pray America wakes up and never, never follows in the footsteps of Europe. There is a major difference between Religion and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Check it out!. The Gospel is about a relationship with a person, Jesus! Religion will always disappoint us, but the Gospel will never disappoint us.

Pray, folks.
Shout out to the Martins, we had a great time! And Eddie for the tickets!

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