Monday, March 16, 2009

Before and After

Before the 27th Psalm reading:
"Another Monday has come and gone. It wasn't the best Monday we've ever had. Did you know that Monday is the day that most people decide to leave ministry work? Kevin reminded me of that today. (We aren't thinking of leaving or quitting.) It breaks my heart to know that after a glorious day of worship, Mondays can be so discouraging and depressing to those who labor in the work of the Kingdom of Christ. I can't tell you exactly why that is, but I can tell you that it is that way, sometimes. Today was one of those times. We would appreciate your prayers."
I wrote that at 10:30 pm last night and after he read it, Kevin came into the bedroom and was not excited about what I had written and didn't want people to get the wrong idea. But he was discouraged as well and so he read Psalm 27 to us both.

After the 27th Psalm reading:
Kevin read me the Psalm and as he did, tears came to my eyes because I was reminded how much God is with us and for us and loves us. I was also crying because this was the Psalm Kevin read to me while I was bedridden last year. Not only was I reminded how good I have it, but that my (our) eyes were focused on the wrong thing yesterday. After having a little vision correction, we thanked God for who he is and for each other. We also asked each other for forgiveness for missing the big picture for most of the day. What a great God! What a great word he gave us.

Other business:
I have been doing better and better all the time as far as being up and moving well -- even working at the table and not in bed. Praise God! But, I was attacked by killer "leaves" (yes, I said "leaves") left in my studio over the winter and when I went in to clean up, my lungs and the spores and dust, well, they are still fighting and I am still having the longest asthma attack I have had since I was in high school. So even my doctor (who was surprise to find out that I had asthma and that it was being so stubborn) said to me, if it's not one thing it's another... Bummed, but mostly that I was so stupid to leave leaves in a room that I ever intended to inhabit again. Ah, but that will be resolved soon enough.

Real Business:
I thought we should include a photo of us "in the act" as it were...

Working on our latest video project together at two computers in our living room...just in case some of you were wondering what we have been doing these days...sometimes, you need a visual reminder. Yes, that is two computers working on one video, but there are two more in Kevin's office working on another one. Wow! Seems a bit over the top even to us, but if you have ever edited, you have a glimmer of the power and resources needed to do this job at a professional level. (Well, that's what we are shooting for anyway)

Shout out to Barb for bringing cookies over only minutes after Kevin had said he was craving something sweet. He promptly wished for a million bucks. It doesn't work that way.

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