Friday, February 6, 2009

We're Thinking 'Video'

This week has involved a lot of video work in one fashion or another. So Pat suggested that we make these three videos from awhile back available in a blog post once again, just in case you missed them. (And if you saw them, shhhh, don't spoil the ending for the others.)

In getting these ready for you to see (had to re-upload; don't ask), I noticed some interesting statistics about our videos. According to Google Video, the most viewed AND most downloaded video we've made is the testimony of Etienne, a church elder in France. (Couldn't be simpler: Travel to France, turn on camera for one long take, travel home, put on internet.)

Sometime after the video was shot, Etienne entered into a battle with cancer so we were asked to post the video so his friends, relatives, etc. could view it. And did they ever! Etienne ultimately succombed to the cancer and I hear that over 500 people attended his funeral. Wow. God certainly used him to bless many.

I would put his video here as well, but it's entirely in French and I assume that most of this blog's readers only speak English. But, in lieu of that, here are videos about the part of the world where Etienne lived.

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