Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Forest for the trees...Are you missing the point?

Kevin was afforded the privilege to teach at Westwind Church Sunday and thought some of you would like the opportunity to hear it. (I know he has some big fans out there) So here is the link:

Just a teaser for you... have ever wondered if you are missing the "point of it all"? This is the answer to your question. (Interestingly enough, even some Christians miss this one.)

(Unbiased opinion of this wife...er...attender, is that it was one of his best)

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Anonymous said...

Hi all - want to listen to Kevin's sermon...do you know if there's a way to download it rather than listen to it on Quick TIme (which is what happens when I click it...) maybe I'm just not savey enough...And maybe I don't know how to spell savvy...Oh, I guess I do.

Traci J in KC