Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cold Feet

I'm feeling very "international" at the moment. Just finished driving the three blocks to the post office and back, and it occurs to me how many other locations were involved in my little errand.

The really, really heavy package is headed to a young church in Quebec we've been to several times. We took a trip there with a band once, delivering CDs they've been giving out to people visiting their church. Recently, archeologists (okay, me) unearthed some more of the CDs in our basement and Pastor Charles said he'd love to have them because he ran out of the first batch. So Quebec, here they come.

The svelte package is on its way to Kansas City, which, yes, I do realize is in the U.S. That package contains DVDs with the "From Where You Stand" videos (recently re-posted here), which was made with material gathered from our whirlwind tour through western Europe with a herd of photographers. (Or is it a flock? Not sure.) Teammates Chad and Traci want the videos to help in their efforts to tell people about their upcoming work in France, which I have on good authority is NOT in the U.S. So, there!

Now it's back to work with Pat on the final touches of a video we're putting together for CrossWorld that describes work happening in at least another half dozen countries spread across the globe. We'll let you know where to see it when it's available.

All of this without leaving my little Iowa town today. My very cold and windy Iowa town. My feet are freezing.

Shout outs to, well, you. You made all of this happen without stepping outside your door. Didn't even have to put shoes on.

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