Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Seen Any Good Movie Posters Lately?

Sometimes it's just really nice to get a reminder that you made a difference, that even in a seemingly mundane moment God chose to use you. And it's especially fun when God lets you peak behind the curtain just enough to see what's normally hidden.

I have three pieces on the walls in my office for personal inspiration: A very up-close-and-personal shot of a lion (thanks Chad!), Delaroche's 'The Young Martyr', and a movie poster for Fritz Lang's epic 1926 film 'Metropolis'. (I'll explain the running theme in my choice of these pieces some other time.)

The poster is in German, and I can't look at it without being reminded of the gang in western Germany we visited in September '07. (See In fact, I've been especially "posterized" over the last week or so, feeling the need to contact my friends there, check in on how they're doing in their efforts to craft a community of believers, and let them know I'm praying for them. So I finally did last night.

According to one of the three clocks on my wall, it was midnight in Germany when I sent the message. Surely they're all in bed, right? But this morning I found a reply email where my good friend told me "It was not a coincidence that you were praying for us at that exact moment." In fact, he got my message on his Blackberry while he and his wife were "in the middle of an important conversation" with a young woman who's part of their gathering of believers.

Seems she's had quite a spiritual journey there over the last couple of years. Seems she's at a point now where she could mentor others, but doesn't know if she can because she'll be moving to Paris soon, and may end up staying there for several years. Seems my email was most timely. As my friend writes, "I told them that I don’t know what that means, but that it was not a coincidence, that of all people, God has asked you 'the Paris guy' to pray for us at that moment. Anyway… she has decided to invest more in the community and asked my wife to be her mentor, to help her be ready to mentor others. How about that?" How about that, indeed.

He closed his message with "Please don’t take away that poster." Not a chance.

Shout-outs to some who made a difference for US recently: John and the girls for the 'snow job', Matt and Mattie for popping in (wear a coat next time), Stan for the message, Debbie for the card, Sandy for the email, Rick for the laugh, Mom for the flowers, and Geoff for hangin' out.

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!! I love our God. He SO has it all under control. :)
Traci J