Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Have you ever Googled yourself?

Come on...more of you have done it, than are willing to admit it! I am among the latter group, and before today if you put hot sticks in my eyes, I would have still hesitated! But I was bored out of my tiny, poorly working, brain and so I did google myself this morning. I got a couple of surprises.

No, no, no, no "adult site", actually more men with the name "Pat Mayer" than women in my cursory search. There are some cool athletes, a soccer player, a tennis player, a rugby player (amateur), even a couple artists. I came upon a Westwind Church site link :), and then on an image search (I told you I was bored), this...


Yes, it is an impossibly long link, but it goes all the way to Germany and it is the artwork that I did for some friends there, trying to tell people who Jesus really is to a world that isn't interested in the least. ~As an aside, their website has this revealing photo from a british bus~ Get the idea?

They put the three pieces I did for them up on their site to tell and teach. How cool is that. And how reaffirming that artwork really does cross culture and language like few things can.

We needed that. I hope it reminds those of you who support this ministry that this is something God can (and is) using to grow His kingdom.

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