Tuesday, January 13, 2009

busy, like beavers in a coffee lake

Just wanted to let you all know what we are doing these (extremely cold) wintry days...

Kevin is working on the new Mac system and software (learning an entirely new sophisticated software program while he is at it, ~because he is a super genius) making a video for CrossWorld to recruit and fund 200 new (NEW) workers to the field of limited access countries by 2012! What an exciting goal! We are stoked! Anyway...He is on that (and other computers in his office) doing that, and I am in the bedroom (yes back to the bed! ugh, a bit of a relapse for me) with yet two other computers ALSO editing for the same project!

How Cool is that! Last week as some point he shouted out to me he was using all four computers for one project! Frankly, he sounded a little like a mad scientist (with an amazingly convincing evil laugh...spooky, scary).

If all that sounds a bit much, video editing is an extremely hardware-intensive process and takes enormous resources, not to mention talent, and a super genius to pull it off -well.

So, that's what we are doing. We hope to have a rough cut to the offices by the end of the week...no evil laugh there, just that sucking sound you make when you see someone trying to squeeze into a parking space that is too small.

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