Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Together We're...

Monday was sort of an unusual "anniversary" for us. It was exactly one year ago that Pat's medical odyssey began, so we went out to lunch and talked over the Mister-Toad's-Wild-Ride that the last year has been. Translation: It's been a rough year.

I started to write a list of things that have happened in the last twelve months but it was sounding too Christmas-cardlike. Plus, the brain isn't what it used to be so I only seem to remember the really biggies, which meant the list was looking pretty short. (I'm sorry, what were we talking about?) But life isn't about what happens 'to' us -- it's about what happens 'in' us.

We saw Pat bedridden most of the time and never learned a conrete reason for the cause, and learned God's sovereignty trumps life's ambiguity. We were fully commissioned for our ministry work on special assignment here in the U.S. instead of in France, and learned that serving God is about who you are not where you are. We agreed to temporarily accept a smaller salary in order to get things started then lost our sending church's financial support, only to watch as God's provision sometimes makes the numbers work when you're just positive they shouldn't. [For the record, and because my boss sometimes reads our blog, I do NOT recommend that last one as a ministry strategy for others to copy.] We watched as a young artist had his passion rekindled by one of our projects, then went on to use his art to show the light of Christ in new ways, and were reminded why we do this. And we saw that God alone is the only one you can always trust, but that he does bring you some special people who are there for you more than you could have imagined.

Oh, and one of our dogs died. That sucked.

Monday as Pat and I were talking about the year and questioning ourselves (a bad habit we have), we decided that individually she and I are stupid but together we're idiots. We thought it was funny and somehow that brought us comfort. I guess you had to be there.

Shout outs to you special people there for us during this season of testing. We love you each dearly.

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