Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Christmas card...

Hi Everyone! If you haven't received our newsletter yet, you soon will and it gives a recap of the year and what we have been up to (everyone is always asking that..."what are they up to?") So, please read it and send us a comment, we love hearing from you all. Thanks to those who answered the quiz.

What I wanted to tell you all is that this Sunday, the 21st Westwind Church is putting together a "Christmas Card" for Waukee. It involves a series of small vignettes and Kevin has written and performs in one of them. Just thought you might want to know that and if you are free, please come and join us. Check out times, etc, at:

Other than that, not much to tell. We have been recording VO (voice overs) for the next video and Kevin is working on getting up to speed on the new software (sounds cool from in here on the bed).
I want to thank all who have been praying for me and Kevin recently, I have had some really great days lately and am thankful because I know that is a gift from God! Thank you.

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