Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some tidbits

Yikes! It has been two weeks since we blogged! Apologies all around.

Seems like we should have more to give you after two weeks, but here are some tidbits for you to stay in-the-know on our goings on...
Since the last post I have gotten the opportunity to give comfort (I hope) and listen to a couple of people in, or going in to trials. For those of you who haven't asked for it: my pearls of wisdom (and it is all God here) "You can look forward to it, there are blessings amidst trials that can't be found any where else" and it does grow our faith. Isn't that what we want more than our own comfort? (challenge there)
Kevin and I want to thank those wonderful people we have in our lives called "Supporters"! You have made it possible for us to purchase a new video editing system that will make us compatible with CrossWorld headquarters in their editing systems and make theirs and our jobs easier and more profitable. Kevin is pretty excited just about the boxes in the living room, I'll be more excited when I can use the thing. It may mean some training (especially for me as manuals are difficult for me to learn from - not so the super genius) but we will get that going and are grateful it is even possible for me now! Yeah God! Yeah God's faithful people!

SOME of the projects coming up on the new system:
4Raising funding and awareness to send people to limited access countries.
4 Using the gifts God gives in missions (art...duh, engineering, accounting, administrative, you name it, missions has a place for it)

Tomorrow night we get to be with the AWANA kids at Fellowship Community Church and give them a very tiny taste of what missions really means. Our lesson is about being a friend (like the good Samaritan) to those around us, even if they are very different than we are.

My recovery regaining my energy and stamina is slower than I would like, but working on it and Kevin is a great help and encouragement. Thanks for your prayers. We would appreciate your continued support in this.

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