Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Pepper the dog - October 1998 - October 25, 2008 Pepper was our black dog. She came to us through a strange set of circumstances from ISU's vet student lab and had a tattooed number on her inner thigh. We said it was her "concentration camp tattoo". If you ever met Pepper, you know this is how close she wanted to be to you. Last Saturday we had to put Pepper to sleep.
She had come down very suddenly with a serious illness that was causing her to have grand mall seizures. After having seven in less than 40 hours (it all started a week ago tonight) her sweet personality was gone. She wasn't in there anymore and was very sick. Our wonderful vet was a comfort to us and her. She was a great true friend to us.
She was with me the entire time I was bed-ridden. For nine months she laid in Kevin's bed next to me, walked with me when I got up and followed me back to bed faithfully. She was a tremendous comfort and always good for our mental health.
Saturday we buried her in the woods on my mom's farm. God blessed us in many ways with that little dog. We miss her. We really miss her.
Shout out to our vet and his wife for their tremendous care of us and our dog. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Danon and I would have loved to have known your precious doggy, Pepper. What a beautiful and sweet face! I just wish I could have given her kisses on her little forhead. If there is a place for our beloved pets in Heaven, I wonder if my puppy Pookie and your puppy have found each other and are sitting at the feet of their Creator, completely contented and fulfilled?
With love,