Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A lesson worth learning

This is one of the first pieces of artwork I have done since the miracle. It is about learning the lesson of finding joy where ever you are. Often we cry and whine about being uncomfortable in our circumstances, we have a "crapitude". Instead we could be taking on the challenge and finding joy in the lesson. Trials test our faith and can give us perseverance and perseverance perfects our faith. Why do we cry when we are given such great opportunities? Who doesn't want mature FAITH!?
Are you the little girl crying in the midst of a trial or are you finding out that you can make the best mud pies ever! (Let's not forget, she will be able to comfort those who are soaking wet in trials after she is perfected through her own trial)
(If you haven't seen the miracle video, check out the next blog entry below.)


Anonymous said...

I am completely worthless in every regard to respond to the joyful happening of your healing... I still just want to cry! Thank you for creating your beautiful picture. I feel the rain coming down from the Watering Can. And it was an honor to watch you bloom.
In utter amazement and love,

meinhild said...

very nice piece and I believe even better lesson learnt.
Greetings from France