Friday, September 5, 2008

Home Coming

Mom has had a few small complications but the staff has been able to stay on top of things. Thanks to God's grace and mercy and prayers offered on her behalf. So thank you all who have been praying.

Just received news this morning that Mom is coming home today sometime and that my two brothers will be there to help make the transition. She has a supportive church (they think she is a pip - which of course she is) and are ready to give rides, meals and whatever. That is an answer to petitions as well.

Kevin and I are going up tomorrow to see her (and swipe a painting I gave her for the first FORMAL service of Westwind Church in Waukee) and it will be good to see her since I haven't since surgery. But will be back for the starting of Westwind!

Thanks again EVERYONE!!! This was a toughy, cuz I had to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else do what I used to be able to do for the family. Mostly, I thought it stunk. Guess I have some things to learn about grace and mercy still.

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