Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Project 23 Pics for You

More pics from the mural painted live at ArtFest in Waukee for you. In the last pic -- though the mural is unfinished -- you can see Hannah and Pat painting the children who frolic without concern in what should be a sinister place, as evidenced by the graffiti wall on the street where they play (Dave works on it below). As Pat mentioned in the earlier post, our God-as-lifeguard figure watches over them, giving us our 21st century version of "The Lord is my shepherd."

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Brandt Marshall said...

Hey! Awesome pictures though I am turning and straining my head at my monitor thinking that I might see more. Wow, a very insightful take on the 23 Psalm. Having a little boy who is just starting to sit by himself really connected me to the babies being watched by the lifeguard. That's my job right now. Watching little Jacoby sit and making sure he doesn't fall and thunk his wee noggin. Kind of like the Father in that Psalm or the lifeguard. Watching out for those he loves.