Thursday, August 14, 2008

day to day

Well, it flies by - time, that is. Here it is Thursday again and I was so sure today was going to be Wednesday. hmmm.

We continue to meet with some of the artists we met at Art Fest in Waukee. Had a wonderful dinner with Meredith on Tuesday night. She is a student in college working in Des Moines for the summer. She is sort of a 'Renaissance' woman, she does drama, dances, paints and is interested in counseling. We had a wonderful dinner and would like to shout out a "thank you" for giving us her time Tuesday night. Thanks, Meredith.
If you would like to see some of her work, here is a link to her site:

Meanwhile, we meet (Kevin and I) for meetings occassionally to update each other on the goings on of our daily work. He works daily, I work on knowing what day it is. We are in the process of planning the next steps for this ministry, but I feel that it is a bit early to let the cat out of the bag...mostly cuz it's so fun to watch the cat in the bag!

Just to test if anyone is reading this:
WE have a request.
We are in need (more "in desire", really) of toys.

Specifically, imaginative toys. For artists to fiddle with while we meet and brainstorm. Building toys (lincoln logs, legos, playdough,) Please, no shooting toys, you can imagine how that might get us off on an unprofitable rampage.
"Joe Bender" kind of things and whatever other cool stuff is out there that this childless couple is unaware of.

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