Thursday, August 7, 2008

but first...a word from our sponsor

I know you have all be waiting for the Art Fest update, but there is something I really need to say first, and since that is what blogs are for, I'm just gonna put it out there, baby!

No one has worked harder on this project than Kevin. He had to contact a lot more artists than actually showed up, and keep them up to date on everything for the Show, (huge job). At the same time he was heading up our art as discipleship project (huge job). Then he was also getting his sick wife across country twice to continue the work of the ministry, finish preparations for orientation, getting a seminar together, doing laundry and getting dog care set up etc,(again, huge job)
Also, at the same time he was taking care of a sick wife, which means that he does all the grocery shopping, laundry, dog care, errands, emails, helping his mom with a flooded basement, cooking all the meals, helping friends, and re-doing both the office, studio and bathroom for the sick wife so she could shower and work on those few days she was good enough to do so. There's more, but I sense you are getting impatient. (oh, he preached two of those weeks too)

ALL this and he never complains, even more amazing, never seems to get sour on it all. I thought you should know what he is up against and has been accomplishing over the last two months or so. He is my husband, and you can't have him! He is wonderful and deserves a card now and again thanking him. I don't even thank him enough! Continue your prayers for him. I love him. I wanted to give a BIG SHOUT OUT TO KEVIN! ~oh, and he is a super genius!

Okay, the art fest "Project 23." Saturday was a beautiful day and the artists were on time, ready and excited. We got a number of artists signed up who are interested in future projects and were excited about the ministry. We talked to a lot of people. Joe even overheard four teens looking at the mural, figuring it out for themselves...that the life guard was God and he was looking over the kids in the dangerous place. Cool. Dave, even handed over a brush to a young teen girl who painted on the mural, I love this guy. Nice job everyone. We haven't gotten all the photos in yet, so we'll post- as we get.

Shout out to Hannah and Dave who painted under less than perfect conditions and Cory who was using a new camera. Shout out to Geoff for making a tarp for us the night before when the store was out, and Bill for adding to the shade when the sun moved. Shout out to Brandon for getting the truck to haul the 9' x 5.5' canvas to the show. Shout out to Karen for watching our booth while we painted, organized, ran around and networked. Shout out to Deb for driving me home. Shouts to all the artists we talked to, y0u inspire us. Shouts to all who prayed for Pat, I lasted until 5:00! WOW!

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the Unprofitable one said...

and joe adds a special shout out to evryone you mentioned as well. and a shout out to kevin who on top of everything pat mentioned has also been a really good friend to a joe like me. I add a shout ou to pat for doing the same. on top of it all she has been a good friend to a joe like me. I am doing really good the past few days. a tad tired but really good.